Hair Removal

The best way to achieve younger, better looking skin without plastic surgery.

While the majority of hair removal services done in most beauty salons is done with wax, most offer no other alternative. We offer the alternative method of sugaring.


Sugaring hair removal is a great alternative to waxing. There are still some treatments and some skin types where traditional waxing is a better form of treatment.  Unlike waxing, hair can be removed at shorter lengths- you do not need to let it grow out as much as waxing.  Sugaring also requires an acquired technique, much like massage, to be effective.


Our sugaring is done by Lisa Moise who has been doing sugaring for over 12 years and has been trained and certified by Alexandria - see more about them at the link below. Lisa is highly qualified to determine if you are a candidate for sugaring (most people are) and she has performed well over 10,000 brazilians and bikini sugarings over her career.

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